Characteristics of Wolf Spider Brown Recluse – Overview

Wolf spider brown recluse difference varies; experts have specified their physical and behavioral variances. The spider is a small insect with multiple eyes and legs. A spider has the sting of venom to bite. People are worried about tracking the tiny insects crossing the wall surface at a snail’s speed. They spray venom but common domestic spiders are not harmful like lethal spiders roaming in the Amazon jungle. These spiders are found almost all over the house and they do not harm humans.

What Is Wolf Spider Brown Recluse?

Wolf spider brown recluse species have unique characteristics. Both types of spider line-ups have abilities to move and sew cobwebs. It would help if you did not neglect them as they are dangerous for children and your furniture pieces. If you trace these different species easily, you can use pest control solutions to safeguard your home from imminent danger. The Wolf spider is larger than the brown recluse. The brown recluse spider is small with a portable violin-shaped body. They crawl on the ground and ceiling texture. The ultra-light body of the spider seems to float on the air surface. 


Wolf spiders have boxy figures with 35 mm lengthy physical frames. The quadruplet insect has multiple eyes. Wolf spiders are not deadly as they do not inject strong venom. However, they can bite giving you a scathing sensational pain. You have discomfiture and uneasiness to experience. Comparatively, the miniature brown recluses are equipped with several legs, six eyes in pairs, and resilient bodies. Though they have several eyes their vision is not clear. They do not give you strong and burning biting. They can poison you. The recipient can be exposed to infection if the treatment does not take place. 

Identification Marks 

Researchers have pointed out that there is a violin-shaped protrusion on the rear portion of the head of the recluse. It shows that this insect is called the brown recluse spider. You can easily identify this recluse insect from other groups. 


Brown recluses are generally available in dark cool places. These spiders choose their favorite places like niches, extreme contours or borderlines of the floor, and small cupboards and old furniture pieces. In the pile of debris and woodpiles, therein lie brown recluse spiders. 


Portable brown recluses are found in a maximum of 20 mm and their bodies are well-built. 

Hunting Process 

Wolf Spider Brown Recluse

The recluse spiders are nocturnal hunters who show efficiency in catching their prey with the fall of night. During the daylight, they are seen as comatose. They prefer tiny insects which give them the vitamins and minerals to construct their health. 

Wolf Spider Brown Characteristics 

Wolf spider brown recluse has typical characteristics. Their 35mm bodies are movable at a slow speed. They are gorgeous with a dash of different natural hues like gray and brown. Some insects are also black to appear elegant in the night. Wolf spiders have a total of eight eyes in different layers. Two large eyeballs are positioned in the center whereas the other six eyes are located in three rows. 

Excellent Vision Clarity

The vision transparency of wolf spiders is enhanced to identify the objects even at night. They are competent poachers who go here and there to hanker after their prey. Big wolf spiders are accustomed to living and expanding their families in different places. They prefer cool grassy quagmires, backyards, and dilapidated ancestral homes. Recluse spiders like to build up the cobwebs for staying but wolf spiders do not do that. They hang in the ceiling or turbid water tanks and corners of the damp rooms. 


Usually, wolf spiders are not aggressive enough to bite you with strings. However, their biting can make you uncomfortable with signs of mild weakness. By taking generic medication, you can restore your health by healing the small cut. 

Behavioral Patterns 

Wolf and recluse spiders are comfortable living in the home. Usually, they pounce on the insects which are present in large numbers. They suck the blood or juice of insects to have proteins. Both types of spiders do not attack humans. They backtrack under fear. However, if kids go forward to prod them with any strong device, they retaliate in self-defense. In that case, they can bite you. Therefore, you should advise your kids now to challenge any wolf or recluse spider. 

Risk Factors 

Wolf spider brown recluse spider comparison is needed to evaluate the lifestyles of both species. They are both spiders with many similarities. Spiders like to dominate small insects for collecting food. They are both cool. However, there are also a few risk factors. For instance, by squeezing and smashing spiders, you will be infected. If you are merciless to take a wolf spider in between your thumb and index fingertips for rough handling, the belly of the spider explodes spraying venom and small babies.

This jelly-like juice has the contaminants to affect your fingers leading to the creation of wounds. Baby spiders will come out of the bellies and scatter here and there. The poisonous spiders will start living in the dark holes of the broken furniture pieces. So, you must not play with spiders inhumanly.

Wolf Spider vs Brown Recluse

It is very interesting to know about the wolf spider vs brown recluse comparison study. Children should be aware of the basic differences between the two spiders. It is a fact that the brown recluse spider has a soothing dynamic color. The rear side of the insect is sloppy resembling a violin instrument. The interesting thing is that this tiny insect has no extra thick fur or hair. On the other hand, you will notice that the wolf spider grows hairy. It has a bunch of thin hairs to create a tangled mass. It is the easiest way to differentiate wolf spiders from recluse species. 

Threatening Appearance 

The wolf spider is three times larger than that of the recluse line-up. This oversize body becomes a threat to a child. If it appears to move surreptitiously on the floor, a kid is scarred from finding it. The recluse is not as big as the wolf spider. 

Who is More Ferocious to Invade You?

Wolf Spider Brown Recluse

The big wolf is physically efficient but he is not so much rowdy. This spider is amicable and cool to treat you. Usually, a big wolf looks like a tarantula spider. The first appearance may put you in an uncomfortable situation. However, their venom is not detrimental to your health. The pocket-size tiny recluse is different in behavior. It has a string that you can place on your skin for spraying venom. If you are not well prepared, you may be affected faster. The poison mixed with blood to take you to the door of the hospital. Even you may face death accidentally

Any Incident of Death due to Spider Biting 

In Alabama, a guy was traveling when a recluse met him. This spider lurked in the corner to wait for the prey. Accidentally, this unlucky dude appeared to find the spider. It bit him and inserted venom into the small puncture of the skin. The guy died of the poison. This is a very sad story for citizens in Alabama. 

Possible Safeguards

While researching to have more information about brown recluse vs wolf spider, you will have to learn more about safeguards. If the families of recluse spiders expand to occupy your home, you should think of taking possible preventive care to resist your insects. 

  • Burn the spiders’ cobwebs to destroy recluse insects due to their harmful poisonous stings
  • Destroy the babies which will grow to appear mature recluse spiders 
  • Use pest control drugs, sprays, and anti-venom solutions to kill the spiders 
  • Clean and sanitize the house removing the hideouts of venomous recluse spiders 
  • Wear masks and gloves to treat termites, spiders, and scorpions to make your home safe

Brown Recluse or Wolf Spider- Which One is Safe for Your Kids?

Spiders are insects that multiply their families fast to rule. People see them in various places. Usually, they do not like the clean and detoxified environment. You can’t expect a recluse spider or a tarantula in a sanitized kitchen or living room. The darkest place is preferable for them. When you discuss whether brown spider or wolf spider is safe, you should be more conscious. Reports and studies show that the smallest recluse is not a friend to you. This insect can send you to a medical clinic for testing blood for flushing out the venom. In African countries, the rare species of recluse spiders must be dangerous for you. 


Wolf and recluse spiders have little intention of killing you. They are living creatures and they want to enjoy their days with comfort. However, the poisonous spiders become unbearable for people who must avoid them. In this connection, you can visit the best pest control sites to keep in touch with modern techniques for eliminating spiders.


Q: What is a big wolf spider?

A: A big wolf spider is an insect with eight eyes and multiple legs.

Q: What is a small recluse spider?

A: Recluse is a type of spider that is small in size and it is poisonous.

Q: Where to find spiders?

A: Spiders are located in cool and unhygienic places like quagmires, ceilings, niches, and dark places.

Q: How to save your family from recluse spiders?

A: You should spray anti-venom and pest control solutions to remove spiders. Try to clean your home regularly.

Q: Is a spider killer?

A: Usually, a spider does not bite and kill a man. However recluse has the venom to inject poison into the body to terminate your life.

Q: Which spider is big?

A: The wolf spider is big and it is a maximum of 35 mm long.

Q: What is the size of a small recluse?

A: The size of a recluse spider is 6mm to 20 mm.

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