9 Modern Living Room Ideas That Are Comfortable and Attractive

Modern living room need to pack many things for entertainment, work, and rest, all of which are accommodated in one place. However, while splashing colours into the rooms or making them multi-functional, people often compromise comfort. Although you need to combine everything in one place, it needs to be built to suit today’s lifestyles. So, while drawing attention from various design ideas and aesthetics, you need to create spaces that evolve to include comfortable and attractive elements in balancing proportions.

Focus on natural light and flexible layouts for attractive looks and arrange for ultra-comfortable furniture to suit the place. To build a custom home with modern living rooms, you need to shun the concept of stuffy living rooms from the past.

Here are 9 living room ideas where you can create a striking balance of comfort and attraction.

1. Use Single Bold Shades

You may come across custom home builders Kelowna, featuring neutral palettes and bold shades, but to make it more attractive try to stick to one shade to energise the space on the whole. Apart from this, you can also focus on one bold accent in the furniture and place them in different corners of the living room to add balance. For instance, a green-coloured sofa adds a lot of energy to the living room.

2. Never Fight With White

What makes the white colour stick out more than the rest? Although a lot depends on how you plan to use this shade in the living room, a good option is to make it work in different textures. Adding white cupboards with hints of blush and gold against a wall with a bold shade may make the living room stylish and comfortable at the same time. Nothing beats the long-lasting approach of white, whether used as wall paint or in furniture sets. Use white with multiple textures and you are good to go.

3. Create Slat Walls

How about a modern take on classic approaches?  Modern furniture sets in multiple shades may showcase a unique look if you create slat walls. Try to make it the centrepiece of the living room and then focus on other décor items and objects.

4. Pastel Pops are Pretty

Doing up the living room with colour splashes is indeed excellent. But going overboard with bold accents everywhere may make the living room lose its appeal. To create a difference, you need to add pops of pastel shades everywhere and blend them with earthy spaces or white accents to create a crisp and refreshing look. Ask for recommendations from home builders Kelowna BC to know what the trends are and decide on a look you prefer.

5. Fill the Living Room With Natural Materials

Modern living rooms are a hub of natural materials or organic objects to create an ambience of sustained living and a sense of comfort. If you are looking for a space that offers relief from the stress of daily life, wooden accents, cane furniture, a view of nature and a treetop are a few options you must try to make your life relaxing and tranquil. Try adding geometric patterns to the living place through wall hangings and light fixtures and create a catchy centrepiece.

6. Minimalism is the Name of the Game

Today’s buzzwords for living room design are clean and crisp décor. Gone are the days of loud functional aspects. Enter sleek furniture or furnishings and less décor. Accordingly, an iconic sofa or a beautiful chandelier may complement the living room designs.

7. Get Playful With the Ceiling

The living room interiors may feature simple white walls but you can get a step ahead and make the ceiling gray or pale blue. Create a lounge-like feel with plush carpets, shut down light with natural window treatment, and add photos to create a relaxed feel. It is indeed playful.

8. Add Wall Art

When you keep in mind all the elements of a modern living room and need to keep the space uncluttered and minimal, add art to the walls. But before that, you need to communicate your intention to the BC home builders. Wall art could be self-art, designing a wall clock, or adding posters of your favourite films. An artfully-created living room becomes a focal point everyone will adore.

9. Installing Your Workstation in the Living Room

The living room is where the home builders incorporate maximum trends. With a growing number of the population still sticking to their home offices, how about nestling at one corner of the area beside the couch or near the big window?  Feeling a little weird working in the open? While you can get down to business in the corner, the decor becomes one with the living room. Chances are that you will fade in the background. It is an excellent option when the living room is bigger than usual and the bedrooms are small.

Modern living is all about making a few tweaks here and there. It brings together a multitude of things within a space where you will love to spend time with your family and loved ones. Bellamy Homes is one of the custom house builders a name that stands for custom homes in Kelowna. They are an award-winning home building company that lets you experiment with home design features.

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