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Colin Marma found dead near Rockaway Beach in Queens NY. He was a 26-year-old patient suffering from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. His mental condition was not good as he felt depressed with loneliness. This young boy died abruptly without any cause. His permanent departure from the family to leave for heaven has created a deep vacuum in the mind of the diseased. His short profile is an example for the young generation as he is a victim of carelessness and social isolation. This article gives a short overview of this young patient coming from Garrison, NY city.

Who Is Colin Marma?

Colin Marma was born and raised in Garrison, NY City. He grew up in Putnam County where he was well taken care of by his parents. He loved music, art, and outdoor explorations. Colin Marma was a nature lover too. He liked to roam in the deep forest and talk to birds and flowers. He completed his schooling at Arlington High School and was then admitted to SUNY Oneonta.

His Social Activities

Colin Marma was an amicable person with a fondness for outdoor activities. He came into contact with many social reformists, and elegant persons. While studying at the high school, he joined the fraternity campaign – Beta Chi. He had a plan to participate in social events to develop the lifestyles of the underprivileged community. Colin Marma found in a pitiable condition due to his illness did not stop working. He was a part of a non-profit organization to spoon-fed poor people.

Reasons behind Colin Marma Found Dead

Colin Marma found dead and people suspect the evil hands behind his expiry. However, a police investigation was carried out to unearth the truth whirling behind lies. At the first attempt, it was stated that a bystander tracked a dead body lying in a distorted shape in Queens. He was not alive according to the eye-witness. The possible reasons were not clear as the police did not get strong evidence in this connection. Colin Marma was a mental patient with the ramifications of symptoms of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Family members were not sure whether he committed suicide. His body did not bear any prominent marks of cuts to ensure the hands of someone stabbed him to death.

Possible Reasons

The first round of investigation confirmed the possibility of isolation leading him to the point of no return. His neighbors and other community members were not very cooperative in guiding him. Therefore, he left the home carrying embedded depression.

Colin Marma Missing

Colin Marma Found Dead

There are several facts about Colin Marma missing. As per the police investigation reports, he was last tracked by his family members on 2nd February 2024. He was seen in Hamilton Heights located in Manhattan. The family spokesperson revealed the truth about the missing Colin. He was in a Mercedes Benz to navigate the city. Since then, he did not return home and his whereabouts were not traced by family members. Then, they went to the local police station to register an FIR reporting the loss of their family member named Colin.

How Did Colin’s Family Members Searched?

Colin’s sudden departure jolted his community members and friends. in a family statement, one of his members confirmed that they started a joint venture to find this missing boy. He was nowhere around the city. Nor was he available to receive phone calls from his family members. His absence disheartened others causing the social distancing. None was able to contact this guy who was reported missing.

How Was Colin Discovered?

Colin did not respond to callbacks to communicate with family members. At least, he was discovered on a beach. The exact spot is Rockaway Beach in Queens, NY. With the help of police, Hope Alive 845 non-profit organization, and others, the boy was being tracked. The missing complaints were registered and police walked outside the investigation center to locate the spot to catch the guy. On social media sites, the photos of Colin with their home address were posted for investigation purposes. All efforts seemed to go in vain without a productive outcome. At last, a daily commuter saw a man dead on a beach.

Colin Marma Obituary

Colin Marma obituary took place peacefully. Family members and friends owned up to their responsibilities to pay last tributes to his dead soul. On social media sites and newspapers, Colin’s obituary was flashed appreciating his kind-heartedness. He served the nation by contributing his valuable time and money. This small obituary honored him and his noble deeds.

What Do You Learn?

Colin Marma’s missing raises serious issues about the safety of humans. There should have been more moral support, cooperation, and alertness to identify the lost guy. His family members should not let him go alone as he had a mental disorder. If the investigation began much earlier, he could have been saved or rescued from the tragic incident. People should be alert on hearing Colin Marma found dead news. Seniors must show their mercilessness and sympathy toward distressed patients.


Colin Marma is a brave guy who has fought adversities. His remarkable social work is unforgettable. However, his missing is more tragic. The law for human protection should be strict with many provisions to treat mental patients with sympathy. The young generation is facing the challenge of many global concerns like drug addiction, alcohol, and violence. They should not be misguided. More public awareness is required to slow down the process of human exploitation, and willful negligence to humiliate others.


Q: Who was Colin Marma?

A: Colin Marma is a patient at a young age as he suffers from bipolar disorder. He was found dead in Queens.

Q: Why was he alone?

A: Colin had Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. He became morose and lonely.

Q: Where was Colin found?

A: Colin was found on a beach near Queens.

Q: Where was Colin born?

A: Colin was born in Garrison NY. He completed his schooling and joined the social events.

Q: What was Colin’s hobby?

A: Colin was a nature worshipper, music lover, and philanthropic.

Q: Is there any reason behind the death of Colin?

A: Colin died accidentally. None could find the exact reasons. However, police assumed the impactful stress and loneliness caused his death.

Q: How was Colin honored?

A: Colin was paid homage by family members and friends. His obituary was published on social media sites and newspapers.

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