Emergency Denture Repair – Certain Facts You Cannot Give a Miss

By and large, dentures are unbelievably long-lasting and durable. But in order to maintain their functionality and aesthetics they require little care and maintenance as well as occasion Emergency denture repair from time to time. Your denture is likely to require different levels of care and maintenance throughout its life and that is determined by the damage it sustains and the issues related to your comfort as well as the overall functionality of the device.

What is the standard cost of repairing dentures?

When London is concerned the standard price of repairing dentures starts from around £30 and it includes the following services –

  • Replacing the teeth that are broken, chipped or missing
  • Addition of teeth to an existing denture
  • Removal of stains
  • Repairing of breakages and cracks
  • Straightening of denture

How much time is usually needed to repair a broken denture?

At Emergency Dentist London Pro, we provide high-quality denture repair service that is reliable and hundreds of customers count upon. Our service is also pretty fast considering the conveniences of our customers. Smile is the key to self-confidence for many people every day and thus fast denture repair is important for a large number of customers and there is no way to deny this fact. You can count on our service to help you get out of a frustrating situation and get your dentures back as good as new at a time that also suits your convenience. That is why we provide same-day denture repair in London which you can count upon, as hundreds of others do, during those emergencies like the night before a vital event or a bank holiday.

Does my denture need to be repaired right away?

It depends on the situation at hand; on certain occasions, you can wait until you get an appointment. Alternatively, you can also make use of a denture repair kit to temporarily fix your dentures till you get to visit a professional. Whether you wait or use a denture repair kit as a stopgap solution it all depends on certain occasions like the following –

  • Your dentures are broken
  • You are experiencing irritation in the gum
  • Your tooth is breaking away or detaching from the denture
  • There are aesthetic issues that need to be addressed
  • There is a change in the way the denture fits in your mouth

About repairing dentures at home

When your dentures get damaged you can make use of a denture repair kit at home to fix the appliance for the time being. Eventually, you have to visit a professional to get a permanent solution. However, this is where some people make the mistake. It is important to keep in mind denture repairs carried out at home are only a temporary solution to the problem. When your dentures are damaged or broken it signifies the appliances are no more suitable for your mouth. Thus, it is crucial to go for a denture consultation as soon as possible in such circumstances.

It is important to note that you should never make use of any denture repair kit that is made at home. There are lots of hacks easily accessible through the virtual web that show how to fix a damaged denture using different household items. You must stay away from those hacks says a professional who has provided emergency denture repair in London over the years. The reason is not hard to guess; you can seriously damage both your mouth and dentures that way in the long run. When repairing dentures is concerned you should never rely on anyone else other than your dentist and a dental technician.

Emergency denture repair – do you need the service?

The first thing that is relevant in same-day denture repair is why you need a Denture Repair London. Based on this it is easy to ascertain whether you require an emergency appointment to repair your dental fixture or not. An emergency denture repair enables you to continue to use your dentures from the earliest possible time. There can be more than one occasion when you require emergency repair of your dentures.

Some of those occasions include the following:

  • The dentures are completely fractured
  • Your tooth breaks or gets detached from your denture
  • The denture repair kit that you have is not safe for dental work
  • Your denture breaks while you are using it

There could be circumstances when you are not sure whether you need an emergency appointment to fix your broken denture or can wait your turn for a regular appointment. What you should do in such situations? The best thing to do is call your dentist, explain your situation clearly, and seek advice. Your dentist is the best person to put your dilemma to rest and guide you on the right track. Alternatively, you can call our helpline number at the Emergency Dentist London Pro and ask for our advice. We possess the necessary skills and expertise in denture repairing to guide you on your next best step. If you want you can also reach us easily. Enter search strings like “walk in denture repair near me” from any location in London and Google will unfailingly show you the easiest route to reach us.

Extending the life of your dentures – A few easy tips

According to dental technicians with years of experience in denture repair, one of the first things that you should do to extend the life of your dentures is make sure to select the right set of dentures for your mouth. The best dentures always vary from one individual to another and it depends on certain factors.

  • Unique circumstances of an individual
  • A person’s budget affordability and
  • Material one chooses

Here are a few tried and tested measures to extend the life of dentures.

  • You should clean your dentures daily
  • Handle your dentures carefully on every occasion
  • Maintain optimum oral hygiene all your life
  • Go for regular dental visits to ensure proper maintenance of dentures


A proactive stand is always better to prevent problems with your dentures. A tiny issue with these appliances easily snowballs into something massive almost in no time when two things are missing – regular check-up of your dentures and their proper maintenance at home. Keep in mind there is a reliable place for broken denture repair in London. You can get in touch with us for an informal chat or may drop into our practice any time. We are strategically located near Paddington in Bayswater and stay open all seven days a week.

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