Explore The Top 10 Ken Griffey Jr Rookie Card And Its Value

Do you explore what to learn about Ken Griffey Jr Rookie Card? If so, then this guide is all about the ken griffey jr rookie card. In earlier 80’s, baseball cards were available in the form of cheap cardboard with random photos printed. After launching the Ken Griffey Jr Rookie Card, then certain things have to check in the baseball cards. 

The Raise of Ken Griffey Jr Rookie Card:

Ken Griffey Jr kick started on April 3rd, 1989, with the Seattle Mariners. During that time, he attracted MLB fans and won their hearts with his top notch athleticism, better personality, and incredible centerfield defense. 

He is a 10-time Gold Glove Award winner, 13x All-Star, 1997 American League MVP & hit around 630 home runs extraordinarily. He was the Hall of Famer of National Baseball in 2016 and he is the most exciting and talented player with huge skills. 

As he made his debut on 1989, ken griffey jr rookie card were printed while baseball cards are overproduced and popular. Such overproduction leads to an oversaturated market. Griffey Jr cards are available at low prices for collectors. Hence, while investing in these cards, considering certain factors such as card condition, grading and centering plays a major role. 

By taking into consideration, it would help you focus on the top 10 ken griffey jr rookie cards and its value.

Top 10 Ken Griffey Jr Rookie Card:

Ken Griffey Jr Rookie Card

Take a look at below and explore the top 10 Ken Griffey Jr rookie cards and its value:

1989 Upper Deck Rookie Card #1

This is of course the top ken griffey jr upper deck rookie card ever made. It includes the image of Ken Griffey Jr grinning in his Sailors uniform. Till now, it remains one of the best rookie cards.

1989 Fleer Rookie Card #548

It is also one of the best rookie cards which are popular for its distinct border. Many card enthusiasts considered this card as their favorite. There is also a glossy version available of this card which becomes the most valuable rookie card. 

1989 Bowman Rookie Card #220

It is very much preferred among collections due to its affordability and clean design. The base version was already overproduced. Still this card remains more valuable. 1989 Bowman Tiffany Ken Griffey Jr is totally the best youngster card of Ken Griffey Despite the fact that there are numerous choices accessible.

1989 Topps Traded Rookie Card #41T

This ken griffey jr upper deck rookie card is also very much affordable and collectors prefers to use it more. But it is a limited edition and available with top-notch print quality, glossy finish and high value due to its extraordinary grading. 

1989 Donruss Rookie Card #33

It is fan favorite rookie card due to its color scheme and vibrant design. There is an inclusion of “Rated Rookie” logo trademark and hence it is must for collectors to have this card. 

1989 Score Traded Rookie Card #100T

For those who want to have rookie cards that feature action shots of players, this ken griffey jr rookie cards value is highly suitable for them. It is the part of the Score Traded set that captured the energy and excitement of new players who made their debut in the major league recently. 

1989 Classic Travel Orange Rookie Card #131

It is the most limited rookie card that is available. They are available on only as part of the factory set that is carried out about 150000 cards in a value.  

1989 Donruss The Rookies Rookie Card #3

On the other hand, Donruss has collaborated with the rookie with the sets of 1989 that featured Ken Griffey Jr.

1989 Classic Travel Purple RC #193

There are two different rookie cards has were released by Classic in 1989. It is also available as a limited print and comes in a blister pack. Many collectors never want Classic cards as popular brands like Donruss, Upper Deck and Topps. But still these cards are highly valued by rookie card collections. 

1989 Topps Heads Up Rookie Card #5

It is the final ken griffey jr rookie card on this list. But it is really not a card. It is the sticker die-cut of Griffey’s head and it is produced as the test run. It is also a limitedly available and the card has become one of the rarest Griffey RC of all. Still, others never find it as the rookie card at all. Therefore, these cards are costly and not easy to buy due to their limited availability.


From the previously mentioned, presently you have investigated the rundown of top 10 ken griffey jr tenderfoot card and their worth. Generally, collecting the Ken Griffey Jr rookie cards is an enjoyable and funny hobby for card enthusiasts and collectors of all ages. If you invest on it, sure you can gain more profits. 

Hence, start focusing on ken griffey jr rookie card upper deck and grab everything you want. It is always better go through reviews and get suggestions from experienced people before investing. 


Q: Why Ken Griffey Jr Rookie Card is highly valuable?

A: Generally, Ken Griffey Jr Rookie Cards is highly valuable and most iconic cards. These cards are valuable due to their historical significance and limited production.

Q: What is the famous and most used rookie card of Ken Griffey?

A: Perhaps, many things are available but 1989 Bowman Tiffany Ken Griffey Jr is the best rookie card of Ken Griffey. 

Q: What does the rookie card refer to?

A: A rookie card is the first card of the player when they make their debut in any major league. 

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